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About Microtech

Microtech (Hong Kong) Ltd. established in 1997, a leading distributor of electronic components, specializes in sensing and circuit protection components. Based in Hong Kong and supplying components to manufacturers throughout the Greater China Region, Europe, Australia and America.

Product range is ceaselessly diversified; Microtech's growth is relied on its broad-based line of sensors and protection components. New suppliers and their respective product lines are continually added every year. Our suppliers include some of the world's leading electronic component brands, complemented by some smaller companies with leadership in their technology sectors.

Quality service is our promise; our sales people are delighted to provide technical support to our customers with their in-depth product knowledge. In addition with their solid experience in various industries, which allows them to adapt their know-how to assist the customers to choose the most suitable components for their devices.

Gain time advantage from our on-time delivery; we keep stocks for most of the common items. For special or tailor-made items, over 80% of those can arrange delivery within 1 month.

We target to fulfil customer's needs with our professional services and high quality products. Regardless the project size, we treat every inquiry as a valuable opportunity. Our work force acts to help our customers increase their productivity and competitiveness.

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